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The "Women of Faith" collection is inspired by the genealogy of Jesus. Only 4 women were mentioned in the genealogy during a time when women weren't mentioned in genealogies. They lived in a very patriarchal society where their value was based on whether they could produce a son for their husbands to carry on the family name. The fact that these 4 women were added - Tamar, Ruth, Rahab, and Bathsheba says a lot about who they were and their importance in the story of God. These women were countercultural of their time. They were independent during a time when women were dependent. They were strong, brave and clever. They faced a lot of really difficult things. Because they lived in a way that wasn't traditional, they tend to be known for the rebellious behavior they were involved in. I wanted to honor them in a way that focus on the incredible character qualities that they all shared, and the ones they deserve to be remembered by.

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